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If you enjoy vintage inspired stitchery, love to wear vintage fashion or are keen to introduce some vintage style into your life, then you have come to the right place. 

I am crazy about vintage sewing, textiles and fashion so you won't be surprised that my blog is full of posts about vintage stitchery projects I have made as well as tutorials I have written so that you can have a go at your own vintage sewing.

Strongly inspired by the "mend and make do" ethos from earlier times, I am passionate about upcycling textiles and many of my projects feature upcycled garments and household textiles. In particular I adore vintage scarves and there are many posts such as my Vintage Scarf Top tutorial featuring scarf projects to inspire your own stitchery. 

For several years I have been selling vintage textiles, fashion and sewing supplies both online and at vintage fairs.  My vintage wares have found their way to fashion designers and TV and film companies. 

More importantly, items have become treasured discoveries for all my lovely customers.  My passion for vintage sewing has grown over this time and I am now designing and developing my own range of vintage inspired sewing patterns. 

I started sewing aged 5, a purple and orange felt elephant!  Through swirling boho fashions, enough Austrian blinds to launch a sailing ship!, home furnishings, dresses, dolls and gifts … I never stopped stitching.  I am entirely self taught (well apart from the fearsome Mrs M. who taught us "Dress" for 2 years in my teens) and will frequently buy vintage items and unpick them to see how they were constructed.  I love designing my own items even if I don't always get it right first time (read about my doll design project here). 

I would rather stitch than spend time on social media, so am a bit pants at all that stuff (although I do have a Facebook page here but I resolutely don't tweet!).  The one online platform which I adore is Pinterest so please check out my boards and follow me for updates. 

Thanks for stopping by and visiting my blog, and I hope you will be inspired to try some vintage inspired stitchery of your own. 

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