Thursday, 3 January 2019

UFOs and 2019

costumes by Karen Vallerius
WW1 nurse apron upcycled from modern cotton dress

costumes by Karen Vallerius

The second half of my 2018 was taken up with many sewing and creative projects for community groups hence not much blogging!  A brief inventory includes: vicar's collar; card horse head mask and horse blanket; pretend ferret in bag (this was fun! basically I made a sausage shape out of polar fleece fabric stuffed with some rice so that he weighed the same as an average ferret!); prize rosette; WW1 nurse apron; 2 x cook's aprons and caps; early 20thC Royal Mail badges; not to mention co-ordinating all the costumes for a large ensemble cast.  Plus there were some more (vaguely) medieval sewing projects which involved additions to existing basic tabards and dresses:

I was happy to donate bags of costumes and vintage garments to two local charity shops for their vintage and Victorian sectioins.

costumes by Karen Vallerius

costumes by Karen Vallerius

I also started getting back into creative writing and attended a fab local WEA course.

So for 2019, maybe a bit less sewing, but finish all UFOs and keep writing!

Wishing everyone a happy 2019.


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