Saturday, 28 April 2018

Upcycled 70s Rag Doll Poses in Peacock Chair

upcycled 70s rag doll by karen vallerius

Currently undergoing a massive sort out of various sewing projects from the past few years, I realised I had never posted photos of this 70s inspired doll stitched way back in 2015.  All her components are upcycled - her body and head are cut from a tablecloth; her shirred smock style blouse is made from a scarf; denim scraps for jeans (obviously!) and felt scraps for her waistcoat and shoes.

upcycled 70s rag doll by karen vallerius

Her face is styled in a similar way to the faces of 1930s dolls with a sideways gaze.  She even has a little beaded choker necklace, essential back in the day.  Of course she is resting nonchalantly in a peacock chair (which I bought years ago in readiness for doll making, that's when you know you have a clutter problem, when you start buying stuff for DOLLS!!)

Sad to say, her feet were a little bit too heavy and I also adapted the head and body proportions for later dolls (one of whom to my shame remains sitting in her underwear as I still haven't stitched her clothing).  My earlier post about designing dolls is here.

70s style rag doll in peacock chair by karen vallerius


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