Sunday, 4 March 2018

Cut Woolly Toys - Pom Pom Dog First Attempt

Being a bit snow bored today, and having sorted through a box of yarns in my craft store yesterday, I decided it was time to attempt to make a miniature yarn dog head.  So this is my first attempt!

I was inspired by a vintage Dryad craft book - Cut Woolly Toys - and was intrigued by the way that entire animals were made using variations on the pom pom technique.  Now I see that you can buy nice little plastic shapes to make pom poms, but I used the old fashioned 2 circles of card technique here.

Some of the yarn dated back to my Mum knitting in the 70s; other was more recent doll hair supplies.  Of course I had some felt scraps for the eyes, nose and ears - bizarrely, the beige felt matched the yarn exactly.

I also had a needle felting needle (as you do), bought after my attempt at needlefelting at a craft afternoon organised by Oakham town council in late 2016.  This is when I made a little needle felt hare head and attached it to a body to make a special Christmas decoration for a very dear friend - he is a Leaping Lord from the Twelve Days of Christmas in case you were wondering!!

OK, so this attempt turned out to be not exactly miniature, it is quite large and not far off the size of my little dog's head!

Oh well, more practice and maybe I will invest in the little plastic pom pom makers so I can control the size of the finished animal heads.  And just a couple more pics from the Dryad book for inspiration.

So goodbye for now from the craft room. x



  1. Its very good for a fist attempt

    Julie xxx

  2. Thanks Julie. I just tried to make a smaller pom pom on a fork and ended up with a pile of fluff!!x


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