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The Costume Archives #2 - Victoriana Tiered Skirts

Blue & Grey Victoriana Tiered Skirt by Karen Vallerius

Victoriana Inspired Maxi Skirts

Now I must admit I have always been partial to a ruffled, tiered skirt.  Blame it on the 70s.  I stitched loads of tiered skirts back in the day, indeed I always remember one particular frock (made from Laura Ashley fabric of course) with a ruffled skirt whose bottom tier would have circumnavigated the Royal Albert Hall!

Above is a lovely skirt stitched in blue and grey tones with a chambray overskirt decorated with a ruffle trim.

Romantic Inspiration from 70s designers - Marion Donaldson

Vintage Marion Donaldson Liberty Tana Lawn dress

The dress shown here is by one of my favourite 70s designers, Marion Donaldson.  I loved her take on the 70s romantic look and many of her clothes were made from Liberty of London fabrics, as in this gorgeous Tana Lawn dress shown above.

Bustle Effect Ruffled Skirt Ensemble

Peach and White Victoriana Tiered Skirt & Bolero by Karen Vallerius

This peach toned floral linen skirt was quite plain and so I decided to add a tiered cotton panel to the back and then I added some loops and ties so that it could be ruffled up into a bustle effect.  I also added more ruffles and a big bow tie fastening to the bolero jacket to complete the look.

Pretty in Pink Victoriana Ruffle Skirt

Pretty in Pink Victoriana Tiered Skirt by Karen Vallerius

The underskirt of this Victoriana pink toned ruffle skirt was a crinkle cotton skirt in plum - you can just see this layer at the bottom of the skirt.  I stitched some beautiful pink toned fabrics into four more layers, these included a 1970s paisley stripe cotton, a 70s fine floral and a sheer voile in a soft raspberry floral.  I added a secret pocket under the top layer.

Swags and Applique Flowers

Flower Applique Victoriana Tiered Skirt by Karen Vallerius

Detail of Flower Applique Victoriana Tiered Skirt by Karen Vallerius

I decorated the top satin layer of this skirt with pink swag applique and large pouffy flowers which I made from raw cut strips of fabric woven through a spider's web embroidered onto the skirt.

Grey and Red Victorian Walking Outfit

Victoriana Walking Suit by Karen Vallerius

Here is a close up of the ruffle skirt of the Victorian walking outfit shown in my post on Victoriana peplum jackets (Costume Archives #1 here).

Applique Flowers and Adjustable Ruffle Ribbon Ties

Victoriana Skirt with Hitch Bustle by Karen Vallerius

This skirt was stitched in a variety of subtle grey, brown and mauve tones.  I loved stitching the floral applique detail on the grey layer.  I had some vintage ribbons in toning colours in the housemaid's cupboard so this time used them with a couple of suspender type clips to make a belt which can be used to ruffle the skirt up, either hitched up to the side or into a bustle at the back.

Velvet Lucy Locket Pocket Detail on a Brown Plaid Victorian Skirt

Victoriana Skirt with Lucy Locket pockets by Karen Vallerius

I wanted to create some Victorian purse inspired pockets on this skirt made from layers of brown toned tartan textiles as well as brown satin.  I used some brown velvet from the stash to make rounded bottom pockets.  Then I stitched elastic into a casing across the back of the lining to the pocket.  I then allowed the pocket to ruffle into shape before stitching it onto the skirt.  I love this effect and will be using this pocket design again.

Wow!  I never realised I had stitched so many skirts! And this is just a small selection ...  

More Costume Archives coming soon.

Happy stitching everyone.
Karen x

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