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Thursday, 5 January 2017

New Year Resolution & Supersized Tiny Teddy

Applique experiment

My tiny felt teddy experiment from an earlier post (details here) was a bit TOO tiny, only approx. 3 inches high, and I decided to fatten him up a bit for the future.  I also wanted to experiment using the template for applique work and as I love it when applique has been lightly stuffed to give a more tactile quality (reminiscent of stumpwork I guess), he got a little light padding.  So this first stitch attempt on the left shows the teddy with a more cuddly body which has been stitched over a light wadding as well as felt scraps.

I cut a small notch into the rounded head shape which gave more depth to the head, and I cut a similar little muzzle for him (see photo below showing before & after body shapes for detail).  Rather than stitch his ears flat on the backing fabric, I decided to stitch them on like you would for a toy so that they stand up!  He also wears a tiny collar on his sleepsuit and has French knot buttons.  The backing fabric is a really fine polycotton which is very soft.

You might be interested to see the original tiny doll I stitched when I first designed this template, she can be found here.

So how does the New Year Resolution come into this?

I love stitching, I love designing, I love experimenting, especially with upcycled sewing projects. But there is only so much stitched stuff I can store in the house without there being no room left for me, hubby and small dog.  I often donate items, especially vintage style garments, to the wonderful Sue Ryder Vintage & Retro shop in Peterborough (where I volunteered as a seamstress for several months).

But I wanted another outlet for my creativity.  I had heard of some charity projects who stitch for various overseas aid causes but in general they only want one type of item and I love trying out different ideas and techniques.  Then I found the wonderful charity Loving Hands (link here) who coordinate the sourcing and distribution of knitted, crocheted and stitched items for a whole host of charities, many of which are in the UK.  

I registered on the website and am busy stitching.

And the New Year Resolution?  To stitch at least one item a week for a good cause, which will be either Sue Ryder or Loving Hands.

It is nice to make a Resolution I will be able to keep!!

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