Saturday, 17 December 2016

Vintage Christmas Gift Guide

Vintage 60s Christmas Gift Guide from karen vallerius blog

Christmas 1960

I remember when "seven and six" was a fortune!  Busy indexing my vintage sewing and craft books and magazines this week (yes, a seemingly neverending tax, one bookcase and several archive boxes full!), and came over all nostalgic when I found this Christmas Gift Guide from November 1960

Ten Bob Buys

Retro 60s Christmas Gift Guide from karen vallerius blog

A ten bob note was the equivalent to a scratchcard win in the 60s!

It is cool to see how many of these little items would appeal to retro style afficionados today.  And yes, I remember loads of these things.  And yes, I am that old ....

The price gets higher

Retro 60s Christmas Gift Guide from karen vallerius blog

Retro 60s Christmas Gift Guide from karen vallerius blog

Hubby and I often discuss how some consumer items seem to be cheaper, relatively speaking, than they were back in the day.  In particular clothing and shoes.  Less mend and make do, more spend and chuck out.

Anyway, glad there are some of us who still like to upcycle and rework textiles and clothing.  Lots more projects being posted in 2017, please visit soon. x

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Tiny teddy bear trial

tiny felt kawaii teddy by karen vallerius

I wanted to experiment with stitching a Japanese inspired tiny teddy in the kawaii mascot genre, so I wondered whether the tiny doll template I made a couple of years ago would serve as the body for the little bear.

I had stitched the original doll in flat form over a tiny pipecleaner frame and had always found her a little flat!  Still cute though at just under 3" tall.

This time, I ladder stitched the outside of the felt teddy body and then stuffed it with some wadding scraps (I pushed them in using a cocktail stick).  I like this shape to the body more, it is much more cute.

I tried to cut out tiny felt circles for the eyes but simply could not cut the felt small enough, so resorted to good old French knots in black embroidery floss.  Teddy also has red buttons made from French knots as well.

Will report back with more tiny experiments soon x

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