Monday, 31 October 2016

Halloween Fairy Costume ... my tribute to the Boué Soeurs of the 1920s

Halloween Fairy Costume by Karen Vallerius

Halloween Fairy Costume 

I had been saving a special silk dress in a delicate aqua and teal toned paisley for an upcycling project, so with Halloween approaching I set to sewing a Halloween fairy costume, my tribute to a beautiful vintage 1920s flapper evening dress made by the Boue Soeurs in the USA which I had seen on Pinterest .  And of course I was also inspired to witchery stitchery by the Halloween Special on Strictly Come Dancing!

Boho Fairy Dress by Karen Vallerius

Boho Faerie Dress

Ragged ribbon layer skirt for boho faerie dress by Karen Vallerius

The aim was to create an ethereal, faerie inspired boho dress.  The flapper style bias cut under dress layer then has four further layers of diaphanous ragged ribbon skirts stitched in place.  The foundation for the dress is a 30s style bias cut ivory acetate with gently distressed arm and necklines.  Layered like petals onto the skirt are first a vintage aqua acetate which has a nice rustly quality; then a soft grey tulle netting to add some volume; next a gentle teal organza which sparkles as it catches the light; and finally a gorgeous whisper-soft paisley printed silk.  Each skirt layer has been cut into ragged ribbons to give the dress flutter movement and romantic style.

Floral Applique & Butterfly Decoration

Fairy Wedding Dress by Karen Vallerius

The front of the bodice has been decorated with applique soft moss green velvet leaves as well as ragged ribbons, sequin spangles, a flower made from a fragment of antique lace with vintage pearlised stamens, vintage ivory millinery leaves and organza petals.  I also found two little sparkly green butterflies (supplies for Christmas fairy making!) and as they are on tiny clips, they can easily be attached to the handworked floral applique or used as hairclips.

Halloween Make Up

This dress would be perfect for Halloween with a carefully made up corpse bride face - check out this link to the BBC YouTube video for a brilliant Halloween make up tutorial by Lisa, one of the make up artists from Strictly Come Dancing.

Woodland Wedding Midsummer Night's Dream

Of course, this would be divine for a boho fairy bride having a woodland wedding .... a Midsummer Night's Dream theatre costume .... a vintage inspired ballerina's dress .... your own Halloween Strictly Come Dancing inspired ensemble ....

Boho Fairy Dress Tutorial Coming Soon

I took hundreds of photos while I was stitching this fairy dress so that I can put together a tutorial so that you can make your own Boho Fairy Dress!  A bit of editing to do, tutorial should be up later this week. x



  1. Thanks Laurie, appreciate you stopping by, there will be a tutorial once I have worked my way through all the photos ... I took well over 100 while I was making this! K.


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