Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Brave New Home As David Cameron Leaving Downing Street

Rather belated apology for lack of  posts over the last couple of months, but we are in the process of moving house, so it's not just David Cameron leaving Downing Street!  Even though we haven't exchanged contracts yet, I decided it was time last week to pack away all my vintage textiles.  I took it as a chance to have a real sort out, and of course rediscovered lots of treasures I had forgotten about!  I have taken about 6 bin bags of "good" vintage items to the vintage charity shop, and also donated a couple more bin bags of "ordinary" gear to other shops.  DH has made several sorties the the local refuse depot.

This exquisite Edwardian blousette, made from the finest cotton muslin and decorated with handworked lace and tiny green glass beads, was a recent find.
Look below and you will see the teensy tiny  handstitched tucks on the front - such fine work.

I did wonder whether I was tempting fate but decided I needed the declutter whatever!  I bit the bullet and boxed up all my vintage books, deciding that if I get stuck for something to read, there are several archive boxes full of vintage sewing magazines which I can turn to!

I was chuckling as I read about the packing supplies which the Camerons had ordered for their move out of Downing Street - 330 boxes, 30 wardrobe boxes, 30 rolls of tape - makes us look positively the lightest travellers of the "wherever I lay my hat" ilk! (maybe not?)

Watch this space! xx


  1. Pretty pieces.
    Hope the move goes OK - where are you moving to?
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  2. Thanks Julie, moving to Rutland so will be an hour or so closer to family. Looking forward to getting my "new" sewing room set up!! xx


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