Saturday, 28 November 2015

Reworked Peplum Cardigan

My first attempt at a reworked cardigan!  Bought this pretty floral cardigan a few years ago but it was always a bit too short so decided to experiment with a contrast peplum cut from a wool sweater bought at a jumble sale.

I cut away round the bottom of the floral cardi at the level where I wanted to attach the peplum & then I cut a panel from the back of the cardigan so I would have some textile for contrast godets in the peplum - you can see the 2 halves here:

I used the panel I had cut from the back as a template:

I then stitched the new ivory back panel along with green contrast strips:

I then stitched the ribbing cut from the back panel of the floral cardi onto the back neckline; I pieced the peplum (I could not cut this in one piece) & inserted the floral godets; I stitched it all together & ran a contrast plum overlocked hemline for contrast:

Hubby says the back looks like a football shirt but I don't care!!

The rework equation is cardigan plus sweater plus scarf (shown below is also another cardigan I did not use):

equals peplum cardi!

Oops, just noticed I still have a button to sew on!

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