Thursday, 26 November 2015

Bananarama Vintage Scarf Tops

Earlier in the year I was asked to make 10 (yes, 10!) upcycled scarf outfits for the Saved by Sue Ryder project.  I made 3 outfits using a vintage 80s oversized top as a template.  This shape of top always reminds me of Bananarama, messy hair (anyone else used to turn their head upside down and just blast it dry in those pre-hair straightener days??) and lots of eye make up ....

Of course the border designs on scarves, such as this silk one above, can be incorporated as the edges of the garment.  Here I faced the neckline with a bias strip cut from one of those long skinny 70s bias cut scarves.

For the butter yellow and paisley dress above, I used 2 extra large scarves and used the border as the neckline and another long scarf as a tie sash.

This Pucci inspired silk scarf was very very fine and floaty so I edged the neckline with a nice purple satin bias binding, great for boho festival styling



  1. Inspired re-use, love that not quite kaftan design too

  2. Yep, I love scarves!, and I find this baggy top design really versatile for upcycling different textiles, doesn't seem to matter how fine or firm the fabric is


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