Saturday, 28 November 2015

Reworked Peplum Cardigan

My first attempt at a reworked cardigan!  Bought this pretty floral cardigan a few years ago but it was always a bit too short so decided to experiment with a contrast peplum cut from a wool sweater bought at a jumble sale.

I cut away round the bottom of the floral cardi at the level where I wanted to attach the peplum & then I cut a panel from the back of the cardigan so I would have some textile for contrast godets in the peplum - you can see the 2 halves here:

I used the panel I had cut from the back as a template:

I then stitched the new ivory back panel along with green contrast strips:

I then stitched the ribbing cut from the back panel of the floral cardi onto the back neckline; I pieced the peplum (I could not cut this in one piece) & inserted the floral godets; I stitched it all together & ran a contrast plum overlocked hemline for contrast:

Hubby says the back looks like a football shirt but I don't care!!

The rework equation is cardigan plus sweater plus scarf (shown below is also another cardigan I did not use):

equals peplum cardi!

Oops, just noticed I still have a button to sew on!

Thursday, 26 November 2015

Bananarama Vintage Scarf Tops

Earlier in the year I was asked to make 10 (yes, 10!) upcycled scarf outfits for the Saved by Sue Ryder project.  I made 3 outfits using a vintage 80s oversized top as a template.  This shape of top always reminds me of Bananarama, messy hair (anyone else used to turn their head upside down and just blast it dry in those pre-hair straightener days??) and lots of eye make up ....

Of course the border designs on scarves, such as this silk one above, can be incorporated as the edges of the garment.  Here I faced the neckline with a bias strip cut from one of those long skinny 70s bias cut scarves.

For the butter yellow and paisley dress above, I used 2 extra large scarves and used the border as the neckline and another long scarf as a tie sash.

This Pucci inspired silk scarf was very very fine and floaty so I edged the neckline with a nice purple satin bias binding, great for boho festival styling


Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Mori Girl & Dolly Kei

 Even though I have been v.v. busy with college (microteach coming up next week when I will be teaching my fellow students .... eek!), I have still been sourcing lots of interesting textiles every time I go outside the house.  Of course, I try to sneak these purchases inside as I am meant to be decluttering (oh yes!), but somehow a little dog always gives me away as he sniffs the bag of textiles out.  I do wash all textiles pretty much as soon as they are over the threshold.  Coats, Dry Clean Only, more or less anything gets washed.  Fortunately, laundry disasters are few & far between. Particularly with the vintage garments I am sure that manufacturers labelled them Dry Clean Only as they knew that the alternative was the hubble bubble of a 70s twin tub washing machine or worse!

In between writing assignments there are always a few minutes to while away looking at Pinterest.  I am happily researching different fashion styles & was surprised to learn that some of the garments I have been creating recently would not be out of place in mori girl or dolly kei pinboards.  Indeed, I would almost go so far as to say that good old Laura Ashley in the 70s was probably the first mori girl!

Once my microteach is over next week, the sewing machine & overlocker will be put to full use again ....  In the meantime, some pics of some of my recent creations which I am now thinking have a distinct dolly kei vibe! I made a secret pocket to go under the layers of the skirt, & embroidered it with SECRETS ... x


Tuesday, 17 November 2015

If the (vintage) cap fits ....

Currently wearing lots of caps (as it were), have been really busy with college work (although next week will be giving my microteach session so will be a chance to take a bit of a breather after that), plus have been sewing LOTS, as well as some appointments ... another week or so then I will be back blogging x
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