Monday, 27 July 2015

My vintage 70s

I am becoming more & more of a 70s geek every day .... I adore vintage 70s magazines & am fascinated by the adverts which take me back to my teens .... loving these vintage 70s ads from a recent find of craft & knitting magazines


Sunday, 26 July 2015

Vintage Fabric Flower Hairbands

A few weeks ago I took some of the fabric flowers I had made from vintage textiles, lots of silk scarves & vintage cotton scraps, & stitched them onto hair elastic bands.  
The last photo shows a 1940s style felt flower attached to a ponytail elastic.


Friday, 17 July 2015

Life's little surprises

Yesterday I was given the most wonderful gift by a friend ... totally unexpected and totally "me"!  This darling quirky vintage 40s secretary doll is a real treasure - I love the way a handmade doll has been perched on a manufactured desk of the time, and she has great accessories including a typewriter, notepad & pencil.  She has fabulous high heeled shoes & a tight fitting sweater.  Of course, as a dollmaker, I love seeing how vintage dolls have been made so I will be giving this lady (as yet unnamed) a closer inspection.  I can see that her hair is mohair & she has a painted fabric face.  Her new home is the 30s & 40s sewing bookshelf in my office, alongside 30s & 40s books such as Modern Needlecraft by Davide C. Minter (do buy this one if you find it, a fabulous book), 2 editions of The Pictorial Guides by Odhams (30s & 40s versions), some original as well as modern publications of Make Do & Mend books, and my treasured 30s Liberty catalogues & Vogue Knit sewing magazines!

It is great to have a new pal in the office with whom I can gossip! xx


Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Strip Rag Patchwork Bag & How to Fray Fabric Experiment

OK, as I said in an earlier post, I haven't done a lot of patchwork, mainly because cutting squares or hexagons etc drives me a bit batty, but I had seen some lovely strip patchwork projects on Pinterest so decided to give that a go.  I raided the rag bag & pulled out some small scraps & strips of patchwork.  I wondered whether I would be able to get a textured rag effect on the strips so stitched them with one raw edge loose.  There was no pattern as such, I cut a piece of lining fabric the size of my cutting board & folded the corners to give the bag its depth.

I used a (vintage) pure cotton thread as I hoped this might shrink slightly on washing to add to the texture.  Once I had stitched the strips onto the backing & constructed the bag, I cut along the raw edges of the strips like you would do for a rag quilt & washed the bag.  After one wash the edges had begun to fray a little:

 I wanted even more texture so snipped away again & washed & dried the bag once more.  I was pleased with the rippled effect on the lining - glazed cotton & no batting (wadding)

After the second wash the edges were beginning to fray more & of course will become more textured with use

I love the random upcycled vintage fabrics in this bag & plan to make more of these.  This one will be donated to the charity shop next week xx


Friday, 3 July 2015

the novice quilter

Just spent a happy afternoon sewing ... working on my latest idea for a patchwork bag.  I had an assortment of brightly coloured scraps saved from the scrap bin & wanted to try a rag quilting technique to get some more texture into the patchwork, making it more tactile & interesting.  All made, stitched & snipped, going into the washing machine this evening & will post photos of the finished result (which will be donated to Sue Ryder Vintage in Peterborough when I go in next week) xx
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