Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Groovy 70s Tank Tops

Tank tops take me back ... I love these bright 70s motifs and thought they are great inspiration even if, like me, you cannot knit.  I love the way these jumpers have been knitted in T shirt shapes!

Having a MAJOR house sort out - not for the first time in my life!! - and trying to rationalise the shedloads of "interesting" vintage & retro magazines & books I have accumulated.  This vintage 70s Stitchcraft magazine is in a very poor state but has some great retro motifs to be used on children's knitwear but which would be lovely inspiration for stitchworks too.  I have scanned the knitting instructions for the motifs & hope they might be used to make some fun knitwear ... just wish I could knit! x



  1. They look fun. Given me lots of ideas for my grandchildren
    Julie xxxx

  2. Yes they are so bright & cute, and I love the way they use the motifs on the T shirt type jumpers as well as the tank tops x


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