Friday, 19 September 2014

Vintage Needlewoman & Needlecraft Magazine from 1953 & Social History

Vintage "symbolic" tray cloth worked from a pattern in a 1953 Needlewoman & Needlecraft magazine.  The projects included a souvenir sampler to celebrate the coronation of Elizabeth II

as well as shadow work mats with daffodil, thistle, shamrock & crown motifs; a knitted jumper with emblem pocket; coronation motifs which could be stitched into brooches; a pagenatry tapestry design; an empiric tablecloth with the national flowers of the commonwealth; assisi embroidery in a majestic design; crochet tablecloth edging & doilies with coronation motifs; a diadem design crochet traycloth; a Windsor design embroidered cushion; corona motif embroidery; and finally a cavalcade wastepaper bin and royal tribute Radio Times cover.  All this in one 28 page magazine!  Quite a historical statement ...



  1. I have a collection of those magazines and the ones that pre-date Needlewoman. I use the magazine as they should have been used and make things from them.
    Julie xxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Me too Julie, I love all these magazines, my favourites are the Christmas ones as I like making little needlecraft gifts x


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