Sunday, 17 August 2014

Liberty & London

Trip down to London yesterday & spent ages in the wonderful Liberty store! Had a good look round the haberdashery department, bought some supplies for a sewing project.  I dared to enter their amazing Designer Vintage section - rather out of my price range but always inspiring! Have listed some great vintage 70s tea dresses in my ebay shop, including one homemade from a Liberty Tana lawn (always the loveliest fabric I think - the peach dress shown) and a 40s inspired blue & mauve number by Marion Donaldson.



  1. I just LOVE that pattern!! In my youth (ahem!) I would definitely have gone for the skirt,top and petticoat scenario on the fact I would wear it NOW if it were summery enough.In the day I even had lace espadrilles like those....where have all of the feminine fashions gone??

  2. I can see we were kindred country maidens as that was my "look" too, I even went around with flowers in my hair!! x


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