Sunday, 13 July 2014

1950s The Book of Good Housekeeping

Just a few photos from an interesting vintage 50s book - The Book of Good Housekeeping - did anyone out there ever look that happy using a vacuum cleaner??? x



  1. love it!
    I have a similar book from the 40's and it has a plan your day section and between something like 4.00 p.m and 4.30 it's listed as "free time"!
    hope you ok!!x

  2. What fantastic pages - thanks for sharing these. I would love to get a copy of this book - could you tell me the author or publisher and publication date please? Is it a Good Housekeeping publication perhaps?

  3. Hiya, this book was The Book of Good Housekeeping published in the 50s by Waverley. I hope that helps you to track it down! It had some great photos & info inside. I always keep an eye open for vintage housekeeping books!


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