Saturday, 11 January 2014

To blog or to sew, that is the question? x

Have never been the most conscientious blogger and for the last year or so I have been seriously focusing on my sewing projects so blogging has got less & less.  Added to that, I seem to find Blogger really slow these days, whatever browser or laptop I am using, and in addition I am unable to comment on my fellow bloggers' blogs in the way that I would like due to "long running scripts" & other teccie glitches that are way beyond my comprehension
So, for now, have decided that sewing must take precedence.  Please follow & like me on Facebook on my Karen Vallerius page if you have time as I am uploading short posts & photos there.  Also have some Pinterest boards going with more photos so please see what my inspirations are here.  A few more photos of my workroom below - and please be assured, small dog may be allowed to keep me company by sleeping on a chair but he is NEVER allowed to touch my textiles and NEVER allowed to help with the sewing!  Bye for now, Karen x


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  1. I know what you mean Karen.To write a blog is a really nice way of sharing ideas and knowledge but there does come a point where you realise that you are spending far more time either writing your own or reading other peoples and that there is very little making being accomplished! I think my own from now on will be a very sporadic affair.I don't do Facebook so I will try to keep up with you on Pinterest.
    Your workroom looks so neat and airy...a lovely space to be in! Good luck in your future endeavours and thank you for all of your nice comments!x


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