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Monday, 14 January 2013

The Great French Scarf Stash

I dream of travelling to Europe in search of vintage clothing wholesalers.  I met a lovely young man last year - a dealer in vintage clothing - who regularly drives over there in his van and buys up scarves by the 30kg sack full - my idea of heaven!  A purchase of scarves last year from one of the UK vintage wholesalers was, sadly, so disappointing that I had to junk well over half of the delivery as it was of such poor quality.  However I made an online purchase towards the end of the year from a wholesaler in the Netherlands of vintage "deadstock" French scarves, dating from the 30s through to about the 70s, and they are amazing.  Gradually have been working my way through them all but thought I would share some of the design details.  There are some real classics, and a few are damaged but the textiles are so lovely that I can look forward to reworking them into small bags and so on.