Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Living the dream

Sewing away here in the Fens, maybe not quite living the poem like the lady above from a 1930 magazine!
I have been working on some of my bag designs and made up my Kathy Handy Tote using some upcycled vintage scarves.  Really pleased with the results.

Also have made some of my Jessie Book Bags out of scarves, I loved this vintage 50s poodle scarf and couldn't resist adding bow ties for these two pampered pets

I must admit, there was a moment when I thought, why am I stitching bow ties for poodles???, but as usual that moment passed ....
Some of my bags are now in a wonderful new shop in Lincoln called With Love From Lincolnshire on Rasen Lane at the top of the hill (donkeys may be needed if you are carrying lots of shopping!)
Fab shop, lots of crafted goods, definitely worth a visit.



  1. great bags! and whats not to like about poodles in bow ties lol

  2. Have tried a bandana on my own little dog, maybe I should stitch a bow tie for him too!


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