Thursday, 11 July 2013

That was the week that wwwas ...

What a wwweek!  My laptop gave up the ghost last Sunday & I hadn't fully appreciated how much I relied on it.  I was unable to send emails that needed sending and as I didn't know any local techies, had a bit of a hunt round the local towns to find somebody to fix it.  So if anyone in Spalding ever needs IT support can I recommend the wonderful Mr Chips in Victoria Street.  He was friendly, professional & reassuring.  And he saved all my data!!  Busy getting gadgets & printers back in sync & realise I absolutely must get a second computer in case that ever happens again - afraid me & Mr. Brocobelle only use the most basic of PAYG mobiles & indeed our family often looks on us with pity when they realise the sad extent of our technological status.  Anyway, a small bouquet of my CD flowers above to brighten my blog - hope you're all enjoying the sunshine! x

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