Saturday, 20 July 2013

Hippy Chic Vintage 70s Braided Eternity Scarf

I often find vintage 70s hippy silk scarves on my vintage shopping trips, and without fail they transport me to my teenage years of cheesecloth & denim.  I loved these scarves back then.  Now though, they aren't quite chic enough.  Added to that, many of them are made of such flimsy silk they can be positively ragged.  However I still love the colourway & patterns of the silks, and so wondered how I could rework them into an accessory I would enjoy wearing.

The answer was so so simple - braiding.  Forget rag rugs, this is a silk braid which is easy peasy to construct &, I think, has just the right degree of hippy chic.

I took three long skinny vintage 70s silk scarves.  None was in great shape; in fact one even had holes in it where the silk had worn through!  I secured them at one end with a knot and then got braiding ...

... until I had a long sausage of silk braid.

Next, I secured the two ends together by stitching through with toning thread & gathered the unbraided ends to form floppy petals of a large corsage type flower which I finished off with a large button

The scarf created formed a long loop which can be arranged as you wish.  Easy, quick & effective.



  1. Priceless! I must try this with some of the ones in my stash ... There'd be more body to them this way for wearing. Thanks for sharing : )

  2. Glad you like this idea, please let me see photos if you make one with your own hippy scarves! K.


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