Saturday, 22 June 2013

Vintage Style Bikini made from Vintage Scarves

This inspiration for this design is the bras made out of hankies in 30s and 40s needlecraft books
You will need a scarf minimum approx. 70cm square, or this would be great made from two contrasting scarves

You will need approx. 75cm of 2.5cm wide ribbon, plus any extra for trims and bows for the bra bust band;  approx. 2.5m of 6mm wide ribbon for the straps

For the bikini pants, you will need to draft a pattern.  Try Golden Hands magazines from the 1970s or home dressmaking books from the 1930s for a tap pant style.  Alternatively, photocopy a pair of bikini bottoms to draft your pattern.  I used the pattern from a 1950s bikini for these pants.

To make the bra top pattern, cut two triangles from a sheet of A3 paper by folding up one corner to make a square then folding diagonally in half – the straight edges of the pieces should be just under 30cm

Position and pin your pattern pieces on the scarf with the pants on the bias

Cut out pieces and stitch pants as directed in your pattern.  These pants have a small shirred elastic gathered section on each side which gives them a bit of extra "give".

For the bra, fold each triangular piece in half down the centre; make a centre dart which is 5cm high and 2.5cm wide, or gather the centre section to give the cup fullness

Now overlap the front corners by approx. 15cm – pin and adjust this overlap to fit and stitch close to raw edge along overlap to secure

Take the measurement under your bust, divide this by 2 and add 5cm – cut this length in 2.5cm wide ribbon

Fold over the raw ends of the ribbon by approx. 5mm and press gently; press the ribbon in half lengthwise; place the raw edges of the bra pieces along the centre fold and pin the ribbon; cut 2 x 45cm lengths of matching 6mm wide ribbon for the back ties; insert each tie into the end of the ribbon band; stitch close to the ribbon edge, making sure you secure both long edges of ribbon band and that you secure the narrow ribbon ties

Cut two x 65cm lengths of 6mm ribbon for the bra straps

Make a long loop in the shoulder ribbon (to slip over ties at back) approx. 28cm and stitch

Stitch both ribbon straps onto top corner of bra fronts; put side ribbons through the loops & tie in a bow on the back

Please note this bra does not offer much support so is only really suitable for sunbathing!!!


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