Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Ruched Flouncy Shrug from Vintage Shawl for Prom Princesses Everywhere

I have been busy stitching away my vintage scarf projects for next Saturday's demos at the National Centre for Craft & Design. Amongst the many boxes (yes, hundreds if not thousands of scarves ...) are several pretty vintage floaty shawls and I wondered whether I could rework one into a shrug.

I was so pleased with how this turned out - it was quick, easy & pretty. I thought it might be useful to share with those of you who might be stitching away for prom princesses or bridesmaids this summer - it would be a lovely way to rework one of your own vintage shawls.

The vintage shawl I used measured 68cm x 170cm and was in a light floral chiffon.

I threaded the bobbin with shirring elastic and set the stitch to a medium length. First, I stitched two rows of shirring along each cuff end of the shawl, one 5cm in from end & the next 2cm in from there.

Then I stitched the under arm seams, starting at the second row of cuff shirring and each seam was stitched for 45cm - this gave a pretty ruffled effect to the arms


Finally, along the centre of the back "neckline", I stitched two rows of shirring, one 30cm long which is 5cm in from the edge and the second 26cm long which is a further 2cm in - I figured this might give a small stand up collar effect & was pleased that this worked well.

This garment is versatile and the elastic ruching means it adjusts to fit most sizes.

Obviously this was quite a large shawl and I am going to try making a shrug from a smaller original shawl so will post that soon.

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