Saturday, 22 June 2013

Kimono Flower Folded Vintage Scarf Bag

This Kimono Flower origami influenced bag can be made from squares of textile or scarves.  It can be made from squares of any size, from a tiny jewellery pouch up to a lovely gathered handbag for a special occasion
Pin scarves right sides together (if one scarf is larger than the other, trim excess away after stitching) & seam round leaving approx. 15cm on the centre of one straight side unstitched for turning
Trim excess away close to seam allowing slightly wider edges along the gap to be stitched to ensure you have plenty to turn inside for neatness
Turn right sides out, press seams & handstitch opening to close; measure the side of the square as you will need this measurement later
With the design you want on the outside of your bag facing up, fold all four points into
the centre
Now move these points out slightly so that the folds leave a widened X shape, try to make the short sides of the shape to approx the same measurement as the gaps between the diagonal sides
Pin along the four longer outer edges; stitch a seam along these (1cm to 2cm wide depending on the overall size of your squares & the thickness of the cord or ribbon you will use for your ties); neaten threads
Fold each of the 4 centre points back to the seam line & fasten with 2 or 3 small stitches
 Cut two lengths of cord or ribbon, each twice the length of one side of your square

Pin a safety pin to one end of cord; using another safety pin, secure the other end of the cord at a corner; thread through all 4 channels & tie to the other end; repeat for second piece of cord starting at the opposite corner

Draw the threads so that the channels form a circle in the centre; push the outside textile through if necessary and the flower petals will form from the points
Decorate the ends of the cords with beads, fabric beads made from scraps of textile padded with wadding or small flowers



  1. Really enjoyed talking with you today and seeing how you made this fab bag out of scarves.

  2. Thank you so much for coming along today & also for stopping by my blog, glad you enjoyed it. I will try to organise some workshops at the NCCD in the autumn. Cheers, Karen


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