Saturday, 22 June 2013

Bow Front Shrug Top from Vintage Scarves

This is a lovely shrug top which can be made from scarves in your vintage stash.  As always, NEVER cut up any valuable or rare scarves, and it is always worth making a test garment from pieces of scrap textile to ensure you get the right fit.
OK, you're sure?  Let's sew!
You will need two large square scarves, both same size give or take a couple of cm, good size approx. 70cm square; one long bias cut scarf for seam bindings (would always recommend testing position of armholes on a couple of pieces of scrap textile cut to the same size as your scarves to avoid making an error when cutting your precious vintage scarves!)

Lay one scarf on top of other, right sides together & pin along edges to secure them together

Stitch a 35cm seam on one side only from the bottom edge – this will join the two scarves & form the centre back seam of the shrug


Make a narrow oval pattern piece from paper (or a template from card) for the armholes

For a UK size 16 to 18, this will be 28cm long x 5cm wide in middle, but you may need to adjust this for smaller or larger sizes

To place the armhole pattern, put the centre back seam so it is on your left hand side: measure into the scarf to the right by 19cm from the top of the centre back seam for the top of the armhole; then angle the armhole piece from this top point so that the bottom is 24cm to the right of the centre seam

If you are using a card template, then draw round your template with tailor's chalk or a disappearing pen & secure both scarves with pins before cutting, as shown below

Pin the two scarves together around the armhole as you will be cutting both scarves together

Cut out armholes

Cut two long straight strips from a long bias scarf each 4cm wide (each at least 60cm long)

Fold the strips lengthwise wrong sides together & press

Starting at the bottom of the armhole, pin the bias trims around the armhole on the right side with raw edges together

Taper ends of strips so that raw edges are enclosed

Stitch around armhole approx. 7mm from raw edge

Trim seam allowances and press bias strip to inside of garment

Now topstitch around armhole approx. 7mm from edge

To wear – slip arms through armholes and tie top two corners in front of you in a large bow

To make a longer tunic top or beach cover up – stitch an extra scarf to the bottom edge of each of the scarves, matching centre seam

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