Sunday, 19 May 2013

Posh & pretty togs for Springtime

I know I've been a bit of a secret squirrel the last few weeks over my sewing projects (9 new pattern designs completed hurrah!), I will share them but they have to be at a certain "stage" & not quite there yet!  Anyway, I bought this little doll a few weeks ago and her original clothes were incredibly faded & grubby, so I decided to stitch her a little outfit from some of the scraps from my sewing projects.  I cut the clothes off her (they were stitched on) and simply ironed them flat and then scanned them to make a pattern.  I was pleased with her little 30s green jacket which I cut from scraps remaining from a vintage linen napkin I had reworked.  The skirt is made from a piece of my all time best ever textile buy of several metres of vintage 30s chintz (thank you ebay!) which I love love love and enjoy using whenever I can.



  1. Can't wait to see those patterns!

  2. This little doll is so the colour of her jacket.You are so clever!
    Like Foster looking forward to seeing your new projects xx

  3. Thank you to both of my blogging buddies for stopping by. I am going to get these pattern projects printed so it will be a few more weeks yet & I was so pleased to have my good friend & neighbour cast her artistic eye over them all yesterday. Am now onto next lot of designs as I am demonstrating at the NCCD in June & will be showing how to re-use vintage scarves. So, textiles textiles all the way ... K.x


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