Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Pingle Parasol

Slightly ashamed at how long it is since my last post ... well, managed to stitch a batch of my Pingle handmade brooches to go on sale at the National Centre for Craft & Design ... above is one of the designs based, obviously, on a Victorian parasol.  Then I bought 80kg of vintage scarves from one of the wholesalers - how many is that?  Well, a scarf usually weighs about 100g ... yep, scarves everywhere.  But as you all know, I adore them and even enjoy the lengthy process of washing, checking & sorting them all.  I find that the washing & ironing helps in the triage decision making - keep, sell or rework.
Yesterday I went to an interesting seminar (again, at the NCCD) on the subject of "How to Run Workshops" given by Emma Ronald.  Emma is a textile artist as well as working part time as a Learning Officer at the NCCD.  It was lovely to meet her & talk textiles and I look forward to working with her at events in the future.  Be sure to check out the NCCD website here as they have a fab range of practical workshops for everyone as well as fascinating gallery exhibitions.  There's also a lovely shop and great cafe so it is well worth stopping by if you are near Sleaford.
So, the to do list grows ever longer.  And while I was in Sleaford yesterday I picked up the latest NCCD schedule and was fascinated to read about the weekend workshop being run at the end of this month with internationally renowned textile artist Michael Brennand-Wood.  Sadly my funds don't run to participating in this one, but I am looking forward to seeing his work in the forthcoming exhibition Beauty is The First Test from 27 April.
I have a blog post ready which I wrote two weeks ago.  It is nothing to do with textiles, vintage or needlecrafts, just something that happened which moved me deeply.  Not sure whether to share it.  We'll see.



  1. A gorgeous little brooch...I am sure they will all sell very quickly!

  2. Thank you, I was pleased with the result as I was looking to design a range of brooches with mid-century influences which I hoped would be bright & fun!


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