Sunday, 17 March 2013

Vintage scarves & furoshiki

As you know, I am crazy about vintage scarves.  I collect them, wear them, sell them and recycle them!  Scarves can work their way through any or all of these categories, being relegated or promoted according to my current design choices or financial situation!  And as I find it extremely difficult to ever throw any piece of textile away, just in case I might find a use for it (that OCD again!), I have recently been looking into the Japanese recycling of scarves into packaging etc known as furoshiki on the net.  There are, understandably, tons of blog posts about this but I was finding it difficult to locate the actual official Japanese government site so here is a link to their furoshiki instructions which has a pdf you can download (taken from the Ministry of the Environment website which also has some interesting historical information about furoshiki).
And here is an example of a book I just wrapped - I find the floaty chiffon scarves are brilliant for this as they tie into really elegant bows!  So, get furoshiking everyone ... plus more scarf photos lower down blog post



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