Sunday, 10 March 2013

Stitchlexia and OCD (obsessive craft disorder)

On Friday I stitched the last stitch on my batch of 24 brooches I have been making for the shop at the National Centre for Craft & Design.  For some reason, over the last couple of days of stitching, my fingers had transformed themselves into useless sausages, every needle that could refuse to be threaded did so, and every strand which could wind itself into an unknottable knot did so - a severe case of stitchlexia.  Thankfully, now all stitched and complete.
I had watched a couple of episodes of Channel 4's "Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners", and to my surprise, had really enjoyed this programme.  Prompted by the programme's subject matter, I did a quick google on OCD and arrived at the excellent Anxiety UK website.  Their information seems very informative and helpful.  However I was mildly concerned when I read the part about crafts on the "obsessive hoarding" section (and I quote): "Many people who hoard describe themselves as artists or craftspeople who save things to further their art. In fact, many are very creative with their hands. Unfortunately, having too many supplies gets in the way of living and the art projects never get done".  I'm pretty sure this applies to me to a greater or lesser extent.  So I have made a decision to be more ruthless in the management of my craft supplies!  Just in case ....

 Anyway, just to add to my stash (hoard??) of sewing patterns (that is, all the vintage ones I am keeping for whenever as well as those I have to sell) ... I found the lovely sewing patterns by Serendipity Studio whilst searching the www.  I am keen to make some clothing by reworking some of the vintage garments I have, and as these patterns use piecing techniques, I thought they would fit the bill.  What do you think?
I bought them from a lovely company called Seamstar who have a good range of crafty products and have been very friendly, so do visit them if you are looking for sewing supplies as I would recommend them. 
More blogging soon, bye for now. K. x



  1. Pleased to hear that you managed to get all of your brooches finished and hoping too that your fingers won't be in therapy for too long!
    I have the Francesca skirt pattern having made a couple of them for my daughter,plus I have several dress patterns too of theirs including a nice maxi dress.It is funny because I was thinking of digging them out with a view to using them again only this morning.Can recommend Seamstar too.

  2. Oh my goodness....I might just fit that definition with fabric! I'm glad your stitching turned out in the end.

  3. Glad for the vote of confidence regarding the Serendipity patterns. Plus think we are all guilty of OCD!


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