Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Let's get (vintage) beading

The illustration (taken from an advert in a vintage craft book c1910) shows a lady in a relaxed pose contemplating her divine embroidered cushion and delicately beaded top - very different to my usual frantic days spent running my little vintage & handmade business!  Oh well - I thought she would make an elegant introduction.  I am currently stitching a range of brooch designs using vintage textiles and (modern) felts, and I love using vintage beads to highlight my embroidery.  So I was thrilled to find an old Sylko thread box full of vintage seed beads whilst out stock shopping this week.  I think these must have come from a retailer and I would date them at c.1910-30 - some of the skeins of beads have tiny paper labels marked "L Dept" and stock reference numbers but no other clues.  The colours are divine - old gold, vintage silver, bronze as well as some jazzy hot pink, ethereal amethyst and deep aqua:

And just to show how these beautiful beads would have been used, here is a photo of a lovely Deco beaded net dress trim from my collection
There are some lovely beading projects in the book from which I took the first illustration, all a bit too finicky even for me, and I was interested to discover instructions for making a beaded daisy chain as I have some daisy chain trim in my stock:
So if any brave soul out there fancies having a go at making some of this trim, I have scanned the instructions below:
Happy beading everyone!

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  1. What a fabulous find and such a variety of colours too.........yummy


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