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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Ride a toy horse to .... Swinderby antiques fair

Please don't think I must be sunning myself in the long-awaited sunshine instead of blogging.  Nay (or should it be neigh?), have been sorting through, sprucing up, packing & pricing stock for Swinderby antiques fair next Monday 28th May (click here for details Swinderby antiques fair).  The little push along horse being checked out by Chum in the photo above will be joining us.  He is a mohair Lines Bros horse from c. 1963 and has lived the last few years in my brother's airing cupboard.  He has been vacuumed and dusted, but still in pretty good nick (better than my bro??? LOL). 
I have had a major de-clutter of the house & am taking many treasures I have gathered over the last 20 odd years that are too awkward/fragile to be listed online.  Here's hoping the good weather continues so we have loads of punters ... Enjoy this lovely weather folks. xx