Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Isn't she lovely? Vintage clothespeg fairy

My clothespeg fairy, dressed in scraps of silk from a torn 30s evening dress and antique lace, didn't make it to the top of my cherry tree this year (sorry for the break with tradition, but we no longer have a "normal" Christmas tree).  She alighted on one of my favourite antiques, a china letter rack discovered at a brocante in the deep French countryside.  Had a quiet, cosy day yesterday with hubbie and little Chum.  Hope you all had a happy Christmas day.
Chum seems to like his new cushion I made for him - had a mad dash of sewing on Saturday and completed four cushions for us as well as Chum's new cushion.  I bought a pillowcase, cut and wadded a piece of my furnishing textile to fit on one side then attached it to the pillowcase.  The idea is that I now have an easily removable cover so I can separate it from the pillow within for washing (I always find pet cushions a bother to launder and so many of them have covers which cannot be removed).  And it just so happened that a standard pillow was just the right size for a seat on the pine monk's bench which is my little dog's seat in the living room when he is not curled up in front of the log fire .... my little dog, a heartbeat at my hearth ...


Monday, 24 December 2012

Have a Cool Yule

Have a lovely festive season, hope you razzle dazzle with the best of them. x

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Sew 40s Ruffle Scarf reworked from Vintage Satin Paisley Scarf

What to do with a vintage St Michael satin foulard in a divine paisley in rich tones of turquoise, taupe and lapis which sadly has several areas of perfume staining to the centre?  Plus, could I turn it into a longer style scarf as I must admit I don't tend to wear square scarves these days?  I loved the colours and textile of this scarf, and fancied trying to make a ruffled scarf, so yesterday evening out came the scissors, the rule and some narrow elastic.  I wanted to make a 40s inspired ruffled scarf (a bit in the manner of the ruffled dickies of the time) to wear with my latest purchase of a fab vintage style faux fur jacket.

I cut two strips off two sides of the scarf, each along the hem and each 23cm wide.  I then joined them in the middle.  Next I hemmed the long cut side of my scarf (now approx. 134cm long).  Back in the 70s, I made many a ruched bodice sundress by hand winding thread elastic onto my sewing machine bobbin.  But this time I couldn't find the thread elastic, so I took a narrow elastic, pinned it at the centre of the short edge, set the machine to a zigzag stitch and stitched away as I pulled the elastic out.  This was a classic example of my "sew it and see" approach, and I know that at times the central elastic gather is a bit off centre (next time I will mark a straight line down the centre) but it actually turned out OK.  Lastly, I stitched the two short straight edges together to join them at each end of the scarf as I thought it looked better rounded off in this way rather than just straight seams.  Really pleased with result and will be wearing later today.
I am going to make a flower corsage from the remainder so will be posting that soon.

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