Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Ruth Wyeth Spears - Heroine Worship

Of all the authors of my vintage needlecraft books, I guess the one I would most like to meet has to be Ruth Wyeth Spears.  Her can-do approach, clear & jaunty illustrations and opinionated style of writing (she seems to have been in little doubt that she was right!), leave me breathless.  She is so comprehensive in her instructions - want to stitch fur? repurpose worn clothing? make 10 different types of pockets?, then look at her Better Dressmaking book. I wish I could have just a little piece of her self confidence.  From my internet searches, I gather she was one helluva business woman too, and her articles were sold to newspapers in many corners of the world, not just the USA.  I am not sure if she wrote for Workbasket magazine, but I have just bought a grand total of 33 copies of said publication on ebay, so sitting here waiting for them to arrive so I can spend some happy evenings reading through them and looking for vintage inspired craft projects to try.


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