Friday, 9 November 2012

Corsages of course

Last November my Nan (92 & still keeping well!), gave me a huge old biscuit tin of buttons which she had saved for me.  I am sure quite a lot of the buttons even pre-date my arrival in the world!  I have been stitching corsages both to list on ebay/etsy and also to take along to a craft fair at the end of this month and of course, these buttons make great corsage centres.  I have designed the corsages using petal shapes from some of my vintage 30s and 40s needlecraft books - a mixture of vintage textiles and modern felts which I like.  Lots of other sewing at the moment - gadget cosies, tea cosies, little love hearts, tiny boot & bird decorations - so apologies for lack of posts.  Some photos of my makes follow.  Hope everyone is well. K. x




  1. Ooooh, very pretty corsages. How nice for your grandma to give you those buttons.

  2. I know, she was as proud as if she had given me a tin of rubies!


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