Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Ruth Wyeth Spears - Heroine Worship

Of all the authors of my vintage needlecraft books, I guess the one I would most like to meet has to be Ruth Wyeth Spears.  Her can-do approach, clear & jaunty illustrations and opinionated style of writing (she seems to have been in little doubt that she was right!), leave me breathless.  She is so comprehensive in her instructions - want to stitch fur? repurpose worn clothing? make 10 different types of pockets?, then look at her Better Dressmaking book. I wish I could have just a little piece of her self confidence.  From my internet searches, I gather she was one helluva business woman too, and her articles were sold to newspapers in many corners of the world, not just the USA.  I am not sure if she wrote for Workbasket magazine, but I have just bought a grand total of 33 copies of said publication on ebay, so sitting here waiting for them to arrive so I can spend some happy evenings reading through them and looking for vintage inspired craft projects to try.


Monday, 19 November 2012

Sewing for Stitchmas!

Busy stitching away as I have a table at a craft fair to raise funds for West Norfolk Young Carers.  My usual mix of reworked vintage textiles, always difficult to judge how many items to make!  Don't want to return home with loads of unsold stock, but then again there might be a rush on corsages/tea cosies/stockings/lavender hearts, who knows??


Monday, 12 November 2012

Treasured textiles - The Foundling Museum

Part of my love (nay, obsession) for repurposing vintage textiles came into being when I sat stitching little lavender pillows out of embroidered tray cloths which had been worked by my dearly loved Nan and Auntie.  I could not bear to hide these textiles inside a rarely opened drawer, unloved and never used.  I wanted them to become part of my everyday, treasured threads that link me to my past.
I met with some new "colleagues" today, and we got to talking about the albums of textiles from the Foundling Hospitals.  I was pleased to find this amazing link to the Threads of Feeling exhibition which was staged by the Foundling Museum.  Read it and weep, folks, read it and weep.x

Friday, 9 November 2012

Corsages of course

Last November my Nan (92 & still keeping well!), gave me a huge old biscuit tin of buttons which she had saved for me.  I am sure quite a lot of the buttons even pre-date my arrival in the world!  I have been stitching corsages both to list on ebay/etsy and also to take along to a craft fair at the end of this month and of course, these buttons make great corsage centres.  I have designed the corsages using petal shapes from some of my vintage 30s and 40s needlecraft books - a mixture of vintage textiles and modern felts which I like.  Lots of other sewing at the moment - gadget cosies, tea cosies, little love hearts, tiny boot & bird decorations - so apologies for lack of posts.  Some photos of my makes follow.  Hope everyone is well. K. x


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