Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Stitching the stash ....

Over the last year or so, the stash has gotten seriously out of control.  It has moved from the capital site of the huge Victorian housemaid's cupboard which is its rightful home and started to colonise the small bedroom and set up camp in large plastic storage boxes and on hangers on the two clothes rails.  If I don't get some of it stitched up soon, risk losing husband and small dog amidst the textiles.  Above is a very simple but nicely shaped sewing or knitting work bag cut from a tablecloth and lined with a hot pink 70s floral dress cotton.  I drafted the pattern from the drawing of a workbag in a small advert in a vintage 1930s sewing magazine. 
The bag sits comfortably on the arm and is a nice size.
Even though they are smaller, my attempt at making small gadget cases out of pieces cut from vintage 60s mod scarves is proving more of a challenge.  I am currently experimenting with some different construction techniques and different waddings (either garment foam or pressed wadding) and I guess because of the wide variety of different textiles I have cut from the scarves - silks, wools, mixes of same - as well as the different weights of linings (I am using up a big batch of salesman's samples of Japanese textiles from the 70s), although the dimensions are the same for each case, they are turning out slightly differently sized (which I am finding SOOO frustrating!)
Anyway, a photo of the cases in production:
Some more ribbons delivered this morning so about to stitch some relaxing, straightforward lavender hearts using vintage fabrics from the stash.  I love making small hearts as I can use even the smallest scrap and turn it into something treasured.  I have booked a table at a craft fair at the end of November in the hope this will provide an incentive for my ongoing stash stitch up.  Happy stitching everyone. x


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