Sunday, 12 August 2012

Easy like Sunday morning (in the garden)

Rushed outside today, dew still on the grass, pink hydrangeas rustling their petal petticoats beneath the rambling leaves of the passionflower.

Our surprising white flowered runner beans (we had only ever seen red flowered ones!) fighting for territory in one of the vegetable beds - oregano putting up a fierce challenge with sage backing up the rearguard.
Rather crazy corner of the garden which is going to have a major plant move round in the autumn (there was nothing here when we moved in almost 3 years ago) ...

... in the hope that it develops into something more along the lines of my most successful planting above.
And finally the helicopter sized replacement rotary dryer (you may have read the tale of the previous dryer's tragic collapse & demise in an earlier post), and yes, the peg bag is made from vintage French textiles.  Hope you're all enjoying this lovely summer weather. K. x

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  1. love the garden.I thought the older "heritage" varieties of beans were the white flowered sort and the red flowers more modern,or perhaps I am just mistaken.Enjoy your garden....I keep meaning to have a plant move around but I never get around to it!x


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