Saturday, 7 July 2012

Glass Onion Vintage Textile Gallery and Art Deco Frock

Last Saturday saw me attending the Glass Onion vintage kilo sale in Hackney, trusty Ikea supersize blue bags to the ready (that is, the bags that convert into small tents in an emergency).  I told hubbie I was absolutely, positively certain that I wouldn't buy any more than 3 to 4 kilos.  Upon arrival, we were issued with a huge clear plastic sack and then let loose in a cavernous warehouse to make our way along several hundred meters of clothes rails.  As usual, it was the textiles that drew me to them rather than the garments per se, and after 30 minutes or so, I decided I should have a preliminary weigh in of my bag in the manner of a prize boxer preparing for the fray.  9.4 kilos!!  I decided that was ridiculous, so I went back into a quiet corner and had a rummage through the bag and managed to shed 3.1 kg.  Would that it were so easy!

Anyway, unusually and thankfully last Sunday the sun was shining, so although I was totally knackered (these days, thoughts of my 20 plus years working in the City fill me with sheer amazement that I ever managed it), I steeled my rubber gloves, as it were, and had a major vintage washing morning.  Put my brand new rotary clothes line to good use - the old one had gone to the great scrapheap in the sky, having collapsed the last time I did 4 machine loads of vintage laundry ... (Note to husbands the world over: standing there saying, "You put too much on it", is a guaranteed way of provoking rather loud shouting & heavy stamping from your wife as she scrabbles around the patio trying to gather up a jumble-sale's-worth of clothing before it gets dirty again.)

Above is the detail of a lovely Deco striped summer frock, beautifully made, sadly with quite a bit of moth damage but still giving lots of textile for reworking.  Below are some more textile swatches from my 6.3 kilos of shopping! and another view of the Deco frock - feels like a silk rayon twill, beautiful colours. Hope you're all well and surviving the deluge. x



  1. What an interesting sounding sale.Did you have to push and shove very much?
    The colours and the patterns of these fabrics look lovely and there must be something you can make with that stripey fabric it looks too gorgeous!

  2. No pushing and shoving, it was such a vast venue and I was towards the front of the line of eager buyers. Busy packing some of these frocks right now in the hope it is not raining at Swinderby tomorrow ...


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