Monday, 9 July 2012

Apres-midi with Cecile and Rosy Cava

Home after a sodden, soggy Swinderby where I didn't even dare take 95% of my stock out of the car for fear of ruining the textiles and jewellery.  After a homecoming journey which took double the time of the outgoing one due to roadworks, unloading some soaking wet stand tablecloths which were put out more in defiance than hope, chucking both them and my wet-to-the-knees trousers in the wash, refuge taken reading my most recently delivered vintage 30s book (edited once more by the elegantly named Cecile David), and breaking into the emergency rosy cava .... cheers!

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  1. So sorry Swinderby was such a washout...hurrah for emergency cava!xx


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