Tuesday, 26 June 2012

DIY "vintage ladies" necklace & earring displays

I will be having another stall at the Swinderby antiques fair on 9th July and wanted to make some necklace displays for one or two of my necklaces.  I have looked at the standard card, velvet or wire necklace stands but was uninspired.  So I had a browse through my saved photos and found this photo of a print of the Princess of Wales at a fancy dress ball held in 1897.  The theme of the ball, held by the Duchess of Devonshire, was for attendees to dress "in an allegorical or historical costume dated earlier than 1897" (hey, they knew how to give a party then!!).  The Princess is dressed as Margaret de Valois in an immensely extravagant costume decorated with pearls and precious gems.  Details of the party are contained in this article from the V&A archives:
I printed out my photo in A4 size and then glued that onto a sheet of foamboard.  I then cut round the image with a craft knife, taped a stand (like you find on photo frames) on the back and voila.  This is just a prototype and I will probably paste a plain section on the front of the frock so that my necklaces stand out against the background, plus she will have some companions from different eras, but she is perfectly sturdy enough for display.  In fact I got quite carried away and started printing off postcard sized mounts for earring packaging:

In one of my reference books (a catalogue of the Cecil Beaton exhibition), there was a very early photograph of the Duchess of Portland at the same fancy dress party.  Even makes Elton et al seem restrained by comparison ....

(Sorry haven't been many postings lately - June is always a bittersweet month for me as I have my birthday but it is also the anniversary of the loss of our dear Mum, who died back in the 1980s, plus this year my Dad gave us all a big scare by being taken very ill with a lung infection - thankfully on the mend now - so blogging took a back seat for a few weeks)


  1. Darling idea to display your jewelry. Sorry about your dad. Glad he is getting better.

  2. Another clever idea!Good luck with Swinderby and Sorry to hear about your dad..hope he is getting back on the mend.xx


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