Thursday, 3 May 2012

Watch out world

Hopefully after about 4pm tomorrow, the world of design will not know what has hit it as I am going on a one day Photoshop Crash Course at Norwich Arts Centre.  I need someone to show me the basics as I want to work on my vintage projects including improving vintage images, maybe learn how to convert my own sketched outlines to produce my own craft patterns, find out how I can add borders etc to scanned images such as the one above ... am busy compiling my little wish list right now & loading some images onto a disc so they are ready for me to work on.  I searched high & low for a reasonably priced course - lots of them seemed to run into hundreds of pounds - so was pleased to find the courses at NAC.  They run quite a lot of different ones so I will report back on what I find out about others tomorrow.  The Photoshop course I am doing is just £40 for the day which I think is very fairly priced.  It would be nice to walk through Norwich in sunshine - I haven't been there for at least 10 years and not sure if I will remember my way round - but looks like it will be a quick dash under a brolly. 


  1. Well I will keep my fingers crossed for sunshine...and good luck with the course!

  2. Sadly the course was not what I was hoping for, but had a lovely time in Norwich & heard about some other IT design courses which were highly recommended so saving up for them starts now ...


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