Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Lily of the valley for Mayday

Happy 1st May everyone - that is, in the springtime & flowers & not the political sense!

With fond memories of the many 1st May days I have spent in France, where residents take to the streets to sell small bouquets of muguet to spread happiness & good luck for the coming year, I have created a Treasury on Etsy including some lovely lily of the valley inspired treasures - link here muguet on Etsy

Here's wishing for May flowers and that it might eventually stop raining ....



  1. I love Lily of the Valley and have quite a bit of it growing in this garden.It is just about ready to open out into flower but unless the weather warms up the beautiful perfume will be wasted.Oh well...next year!

  2. It's award time if you care to look on my blog!!


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