Friday, 25 May 2012

vintage rocks jewel box

Took a break from pricing & sorting my stock for Swinderby antiques fair (how on earth have I accumulated so much "stuff", I am almost ashamed ...) to glue some fabric scraps to a distinctly uninspiring and tatty old jewellery box which I want to use to display trinkets at the fair.  A couple of hours, some PVA glue, vintage textiles & ribbons from my scrap bag and ten sticky fingers later, I was pleased with the retro result.

Don't you just love these 50s kittens with their blossom bonnets (cut from an old apron)?

Pre-makeover jewel box below - b-o-r-i-n-g.  Off to continue with the bunting now.


Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Ride a toy horse to .... Swinderby antiques fair

Please don't think I must be sunning myself in the long-awaited sunshine instead of blogging.  Nay (or should it be neigh?), have been sorting through, sprucing up, packing & pricing stock for Swinderby antiques fair next Monday 28th May (click here for details Swinderby antiques fair).  The little push along horse being checked out by Chum in the photo above will be joining us.  He is a mohair Lines Bros horse from c. 1963 and has lived the last few years in my brother's airing cupboard.  He has been vacuumed and dusted, but still in pretty good nick (better than my bro??? LOL). 
I have had a major de-clutter of the house & am taking many treasures I have gathered over the last 20 odd years that are too awkward/fragile to be listed online.  Here's hoping the good weather continues so we have loads of punters ... Enjoy this lovely weather folks. xx


Monday, 14 May 2012

Fonts and photos

must apologise for the lack of recent blog posts - have been busy scanning & trying to work out Photoshop basics, to the point where my head is rather a muddle of layers and fonts, photos and images.  I have an amazing Girl's Own Annual from 1899 and am busy scouring through the thousands of pages in my search for interesting graphics I can use. 
Also I am finishing off some vintage embroideries I had found in a partly worked state - I have a nice shoebox full of vintage embroidery threads, most of which belonged to my Grandmother, so the colours are matching in well.  I have been scanning lots of textile scraps & vintage embroidered items to try & incorporate with text and very pleased with the results.  In the meantime, a photo of my favourite brooch ever, bought on ebay, which sums me up!  Hope you are all well. x


Thursday, 3 May 2012

Watch out world

Hopefully after about 4pm tomorrow, the world of design will not know what has hit it as I am going on a one day Photoshop Crash Course at Norwich Arts Centre.  I need someone to show me the basics as I want to work on my vintage projects including improving vintage images, maybe learn how to convert my own sketched outlines to produce my own craft patterns, find out how I can add borders etc to scanned images such as the one above ... am busy compiling my little wish list right now & loading some images onto a disc so they are ready for me to work on.  I searched high & low for a reasonably priced course - lots of them seemed to run into hundreds of pounds - so was pleased to find the courses at NAC.  They run quite a lot of different ones so I will report back on what I find out about others tomorrow.  The Photoshop course I am doing is just £40 for the day which I think is very fairly priced.  It would be nice to walk through Norwich in sunshine - I haven't been there for at least 10 years and not sure if I will remember my way round - but looks like it will be a quick dash under a brolly. 

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Lily of the valley for Mayday

Happy 1st May everyone - that is, in the springtime & flowers & not the political sense!

With fond memories of the many 1st May days I have spent in France, where residents take to the streets to sell small bouquets of muguet to spread happiness & good luck for the coming year, I have created a Treasury on Etsy including some lovely lily of the valley inspired treasures - link here muguet on Etsy

Here's wishing for May flowers and that it might eventually stop raining ....

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