Sunday, 1 April 2012

Oh those 70s summer nights (in Laura Ashley dresses)

Quick vintage stock shopping trip last week (to distract me from my kitchen-sink drama, well kitchen floor drama really, but you get the idea) - was delighted to find two lovely early vintage Laura Ashley maxi dresses of the type I used to wear myself.

They have the old style Laura Ashley labels & are in heavy cotton prints from the early ranges.  I read in the biography of Laura A. by Anne Sebba that Laura & Bernard often took their motifs from the end papers of Victorian books - the cherry blossom motif on the mauve dress definitely looks as if that could be its origin.

I once committed quite a serious fashion faux-pas & wore a Laura A. maxi dress (very similar to the mauve dress above) to the Hacienda in Manchester circa 1982.  So uncool.  I had been to a dinner party which decamped to the club.  I remember feeling SOOO out of place in my ruffles, high neck & flounces that I wanted the floor to open & swallow me up.  Must have looked ridiculous dancing to Spandau, Dexy's or whosoever done up in that dress!!


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  1. These look gorgeous!
    Is your floor improving in any way? I know from experience that these things generally get steadily worse and worse before they get better,but I am sure it will be worth it in the end.


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