Sunday, 29 April 2012

Fab Fleamarket Finds

Spent a very happy hour or so yesterday at the lovely Kings Lynn Fleamarket.  Found some lovely vintage items, most to sell on, but the vintage 30s Handy Pack sewing set above will be kept.  Don't you just adore the Art Deco styling of the packaging.  It comprises a small card box containing 5 discs each holding "essentials" for the 30s flapper - Art Silk Hose Mending - threads and needles; Ideal Wave Pins - for your bobbed hair; Dress & Lingerie Pins - in pink, blue & gold; For Your Sewing - black & white threads and needles; and finally, and perhaps most essentially!, some Brenda Best Art Silk Knicker Elastic along with a large needle with a gigantic eye through which to thread the elastic.

And last but not least, a very sweet little vintage articulated basket trinket with tiny compartments in which to store tiny treasures.


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  1. Just love all of these especially the little trinket.I don't know how you manage to find all of these wonderful things!Hope you not washed away with all of the rain!


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