Friday, 20 April 2012


Well folks, if anyone is in any doubt that vintage textiles & costume are worth sourcing and collecting, then I trust the title to this blog post (borrowed from an email I received from Kerry Taylor Auctions) proves that they are wrong!  I can't find a link on the KT website yet, but the text from the email starts:

QUOTE A few weeks ago a collector was sifting through a London street market when he spotted what appeared to be a good quality gown. It was somewhat crumpled and soiled in appearance but upon inspecting the inside seams he spied a Lanvin label. Despite the initial rather dishevelled appearance of the gown he agreed to purchase it for £70 and brought it straight round to show Kerry Taylor. It was suggested that the dress would benefit from specialist cleaning to try to remove some of the grime and stains – to help its appearance when displayed on a mannequin, as the probable purchaser would be a museum or private collector and so this was done. It was the highlight of the April 17th auction. UNQUOTE

I always recommend Kerry Taylor very highly.  Her expertise is second to none & in the past she has advised me helpfully by email on some items I had found, so it is always worth contacting Kerry if you need an opinion on a textile item.  I found this really interesting article describing Kerry's working day - Kerry's diary.  Sadly my own life is nowhere near as glamorous, but I adore going round thrift stores, country auctions, fleamarkets and antiques fairs in search of my own vintage stock.

The recent auction proves that there are still treasures out there waiting to be found.  Some of my own "best" discoveries are a Hermes scarf bought for 1p in a jumble sale, found in a bundle of other textiles totalling 10p.  Also a Christian Dior scarf found amongst a huge basket of scarves in the middle of a barn in the middle of nowhere in rural France.  I also treasure an amazing 50s Paris souvenir scarf which I bought for £1 which has simply the best illustrations I have ever seen and which I will never ever sell!  Would love to hear about your own prize purchases.


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