Sunday, 11 March 2012

Springtime Blanket Scrap Bunny

I had saved a scrap of vintage blanket textile somewhere deep in the Victorian housemaid's cupboard, so when I found a little vintage 1940s booklet of felt toys I thought I could make one of the tiny mascots from the blanket.  I love making small items I can stitch entirely by hand as I always find a few inches of blanket stitch so relaxing!!  I struggled a bit with his tail.  My first attempt was a snipped green felt pompon & wasn't really successful.  I couldn't really work out how to make a tiny pompon in the manner I remember from my childhood with two small circles of card - reckon I would have needed two Polo mints! John Lewis to the rescue with a length of bobble passementerie trim.  Thought I would show a length of vintage chintz (recent ebay purchase) which I am considering using to make some cushions for the living room.
PS: good news, I have managed to win some more of the vintage 80s yarn with which I am crocheting my first garment yesterday - I had done the back & one front side when I realised there wasn't going to be enough yarn.  Have had to wait a few months but I knew some would be listed eventually!  Can pick my crochet hooks up once more.


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  1. Gorgeous sweet bunny..and well done with the wool.Looking forward to seeing your crochet finished!!


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