Monday, 19 March 2012

Muddy waters & retrograde motion

Mercury is in retrograde motion.  Aha, that's why nothing seems to be proceeding as it should right now.  Two weeks ago we noticed a small damp patch on the kitchen carpet.  Small dog took the blame, until we peeled back the carpet to reveal a HUGE damp patch on the concrete flooring.  Turns out our water pipes have pinholed (technical term folks!), so we have been living with a shallow trench in the kitchen since then while the concrete slowly dries, no flooring in the kitchen or utility, and a general feeling of upsidedowness until the hole is refilled on Friday.  Delicately traversing the trench whilst cooking, washing, anything is beginning to get on my nerves!

My attitude to horoscopes tends to be along the lines of if it's good, then maybe there's something in it, and if it's bad, then it's all a load of old baloney anyway.  But this week they say Mercury is in retrograde motion.  Certainly feels like I'm stuck in wet concrete.  Roll on spring!


  1. Shallow bring back very many bad memories and you have my full sympathy! Never mind at least small dog chum has a clear conscience!!xx

  2. Beginning to feel slightly frayed around the edges ... sort of ongoing cuisine assault course ...


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