Friday, 23 March 2012

Cupcakes and crinolines

I am always intrigued by the 1930s fascination with crinoline ladies - above are two lovely ladies in their English country gardens on two Deco cake stands I bought this week - what was it that the elegant & at times androgynous flappers were seeking amongst all those ruffles, lace & bonnets? 

A recent purchase of a 1931 Liberty of London gift catalogue revealed the most exquisitely crinoline attired doll on one of the toy pages.
Isn't she just lovely?  Whilst on the crinoline theme, a quick revisit to a couple of my recent pics, one from a child's valentine card from the 30s and one from a fancy dress catalogue of the time.

Reckon I need to get busy baking some crinoline shaped cupcakes to serve on my new cake plates. 


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  1. The lady on the cake stand looks a lot like the one t the start of the old black and white Gainsborough films.She had a very large hat and bowed her head
    in a very graceful fashion towards you before the film started.Or am I the only person who can remember this?


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